Portland Properties manages over 13 buildings in the Greater Portland area. We are selective about the spaces we purchase and work with, and commit fully to maintaining and preserving the buildings under our management.

85 Exchange Street, the Portland Savings Bank Building

Portland Savings Bank (later acquired by Peoples Heritage, then TD Bank) built this upper Exchange Street space in 1867 after the Great Fire of 1866 destroyed their prior location on Middle Street. Many original features remain intact today, including exposed brick walls, large arched windows, and even the original vault.

95 Exchange St., the Centennial Block

This building is part of Portland’s Centennial Block, built in 1876. Its architect, Francis Fassett, was so particular about its granite and sandstone façade that he specified the shape and color of every single brick. Today, the building is a four-story Class A office building with an elevator and spacious suites.

97 Exchange Street, the Charles Q. Clapp / Printers’ Exchange Block

This building on upper Exchange Street, designed by Charles Q. Clapp in 1866, is distinguished by its large windows separated by cast iron Corinthian columns. Today, it features a first-floor retail space with secondary access via Market Street and four floors of office space above.

107 Exchange Street, the Charles Q. Clapp / Printers’ Exchange Block

This building was designed by self-taught architect and real estate speculator Charles Quincy Clapp in 1866. The design, while uniquely Clapp’s own, borrowed popular elements from many prevailing architectural styles. The building wraps around the entire block at Exchange, Federal, and Market Streets, with a retail space below and offices above. Features include large windows, high ceilings, and a prominent façade.

30 Market
30 Market Street

Where it all began. 30 Market Street was the first property purchased by what is now Portland Properties, including the original renovation which opened the iconic Old Port bar, “Erik’s.” This 1500+/- SF brick-façade space was originally built in the late 1800s as a shop with a residence above. A century later, after falling into disrepair in the 1920s, it was restored and found its lasting niche as a favorite Portland bar and restaurant.

36Market136 Market Street

This building, located in the block between Milk and Fore Streets, directly across from the Portland Regency Hotel & Spa’s Armory Lounge, features street- and lower-level retail spaces and a second-floor office suite.

The Ocean Block and Market, Milk, and Exchange

This block, once home to a storage facility and coppersmith’s shop, spans the eastern edge of Milk Street between Market and Exchange Streets. Today, it houses 17 businesses in its 6 retail spaces and 11 office suites.

27 Pearl Street

We’ve continually added energy-saving features to this building, which was built in 1982. Some of those include solar shades to maximize passive solar energy, high-efficiency lighting, water-saving devices, replacement windows, and a cooling tower. The building’s rooftop is used by our tenants for seasonal events and gatherings. Others can book the deck for private gatherings through the Portland Regency Hotel & Spa.

Portland Properties Photos by Brian Fitzgerald.
130 Middle Street

In the heart of the Old Port, this building offers tenants and their customers easy access to offices throughout Portland. With open floor plans, lighting and efficiency upgrades, and recently-renovated lobby, its 4 floors are home to 5 Maine companies.

Commercial & Fore Streets, the Evie Cianchette Block

Built in 2001 by ELC Inc. and now owned by Fleming Portland, LLC, this 43,504± SF building includes three floors of office space and a recently-remodeled first floor with 3 Commercial Street-facing retail suites.

Middle and Pearl Street Parking Lot

Situated adjacent to the Portland Regency Hotel & Spa, this open-air parking lot serves tenants of our Pearl Street and Middle Street Properties as well as other downtown commuters.

One Monument Way

Built in 1915, One Monument Way is a four story building conveniently situated overlooking Monument Square. Familiar sites of the Farmer’s Market during the summer season and annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony during winter.

151 Jetport Bouevard, S. Portland, the Jetport State Building

The newly-constructed Jetport State Building was developed to make the most of today’s energy-efficient materials and technologies.

315_Marginal_Way315 Marginal Way

This building, located in Portland’s Bayside district, was fully renovated in 1983 and has modern data service, HVAC and plumbing, including a sprinkler system. Several recent public and private improvements to Marginal Way have increased its foot traffic and its visual appeal. The building offers easy highway access and 101 parking spots, all within blocks of the Old Port.